ZixMail - Desktop Email Encryption

ZixMail is a desktop email encryption solution that provides individuals with a high level of security in their email communications. It’s easy-to-use, can be downloaded and installed in minutes, and it integrates with all corporate email systems and Web-based email.

ZixPort - Encrypted Email Portal

ZixGateway is the corporate Email Encryption solution. It secures communications for your entire company, adds policy based email encryption rules, supports mobile devices, and provides seamless encryption/decryption to tens of millions of other ZixGateway users.

Send an Encrypted Email

Would you like to see what it's like to receive an encrypted email? Send an example email to anyone!

What's Right for my Organization?

Resources to help make an informed decision regarding your Email encryption needs.

Hosted Email Solutions

Enterprise class email hosting for Business that seamlessly integrates with any email platform.

ZixMail is Trusted Worldwide

Trusted by key figures in Government, Financial, Healthcare, and Legal fields, ZixMail is a unique Email Encryption application that differentiates itself from other solutions by focusing on both the sender and receiver experience.  Combining best-in-class encryption technologies with easy to use interfaces, ZixMail is the perfect fit for your organization’s email security needs.

If your recipients are one of the tens of millions of other satisfied ZixCorp customers, emails are automatically encrypted, and often decrypted without the need for passwords or extra steps. They receive encrypted email just like any other email.

For your recipients who do not have our email encryption services, ZixPort provides a secure, easy-to-use interface for message delivery, replies, and even message composition.

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