• Will ZixMail Work With My Email Service?

    Yes! ZixMail will work with ALL email services – even free email services like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.

  • I use Windows, will ZixMail work with my computer?

    ZixMail is supported on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems with at least 64 MB of RAM.

  • I don’t use Windows, will ZixMail work for me?

    ZixMail is a client installed application, and only is installable on a Windows PC.  For more information on services that work across all OSes, email clients, and devices, contact us to find out more about our Hosted ZixGateway services.

  • I need policy based encryption, does ZixMail offer that?

    ZixMail is exclusively user-driven, but our Hosted ZixGateway service supports both user-driven and policy based encryption.

  • I need everyone in my domain to have the option to encrypt email, will ZixMail work for me?

    Yes, and you can order a bundled package and save money.  Also, a more fully featured, easier to configure, and often more cost effective solution is our Hosted ZixGateway service.

  • Are my messages stored in GetZixMail’s data centers?

    No.  All messages are stored in ZixCorp’s state of the art data center.  They are SOC2 and SysTrust/SOC3 accredited, and trusted by major corporations and both federal and state government entities across the country.

  • Can I have the notification emails branded with my company logo?

    Yes, the optional ZixPort service is fully brandable.

  • Will ZixMail encrypt my incoming email too?

    Yes, with the ZixPort upgrade.  The ZixPort upgrade offers you the ability to place a link on your website that will allow people to send you email via a secure web portal.

  • Will ZixMail work with Windows 8?

    ZixMail is only supported on Windows XP, Vista and 7. However, our Hosted Email Encryption service will work with any OS or email client.