ZixCorp provides email encryption solutions for some of the world’s most security focused organizations. Fields such as health care, legal, financial and government organizations turn to ZixCorp to handle their most daunting email encryption needs.

Companies across all sectors are realizing that their most valuable relationships with customers and partners could be jeopardized by data breaches within the exchange of emails.


Over the last 10 years, ZixCorp has gained the trust of tens of millions of users. ZixCorp’s HIPAA compliant email encryption services meet the security needs of household names like WellPoint, as well as 1,500 hospitals across the country.
Besides the benefit of these organizations vetting the service for you, you also receive transparent encryption between many of these organizations via their massive member database housing tens of millions of users.

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Although counsel often does not discuss typically “confidential information” such as social security numbers, etc., their entire communication with their client must be held in confidence. In today’s environment where mail hosts “data mine” information, and employers have carte blanche to read employee’s email, ABA members must not just inform their clients of these risks, but also proactively protect their rights.

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20 state banking regulators, and many federal regulators like the SEC, OTS, OCC, and NCUA trust ZixCorp’s encrypted email solutions to protect their sensitive data. Along with them, more than 1,800 financial firms use ZixCorp’s email encryption every day to communicate sensitive data.

Simplify your next audit today by using the exact same service your auditor does.

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Insurance and benefits organizations are more and more frequently required by their business partners to encrypt their communications. No matter the industry, personally identifiable information is routinely communicated via email. Our email encryption service provides seamless encryption to tens of millions of users in North America, possibly including many of your largest clients.

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Government organizations from the local to the federal level have some of the strictest guidelines for protecting their data. ZixCorp’s proven track record in the government sector has earned the trust of the Securities and Exchange Commission, 20 state banking regulators, and other state and local governments across the U.S. The email encryption solution works with existing systems, making it easy to deploy and cost effective as well as being FIPS compliant.

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All industries

Regardless of your business, many states now have mandatory encryption laws as well. Some of these laws extend even beyond the state’s borders when discussing personally identifiable information about any of the state’s residents. Email encryption has gone beyond simply a “best practice”, and should be thoroughly reviewed by any FTC regulated company nationwide.

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