Email Encryption Solutions

Email Encryption Services Tailored for your Organization’s Needs

For the nation’s most influential institutions, ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services are an important tool in the protection of sensitive data. Leading healthcare, financial, government and insurance organizations have turned to ZixCorp to help them meet mandatory regulatory requirements and protect customer privacy in all their email communications.

The ZixMail desktop email encryption solution is easy to use, provides unparalleled security, while still being able to send an encrypted email to anyone. It integrates with addresses hosted on any email system (Exchange, webmail, POP/IMAP, etc.), so you can be in compliance today.

The desktop solution is best suited to organizations where a subset of users require email encryption, individuals securing their webmail traffic, and organizations of all sizes that require “point and click” ease of use to send an encrypted email.

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The ZixPort Branded Email Encryption Portal allows you to brand the look and feel of the recipient’s secure email notification to look like your website, and even to have it hosted within your own domain. It also provides your contacts with an option to initiate an encrypted email conversation to you, even if they do not have their own email encryption solution.

Hosted in a SOC2 and SysTrust/SOC3 accredited data center, all email communications are stored with the same level of security that the nation’s top organizations and government agencies use. Being fully hosted, there are no opportunities for “brute force attacks” directly on the transmitted files.

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The ZixGateway email encryption appliance scans email and can automatically apply policy filters to help prevent accidental leakage of SSNs, financial documents, and health care related information. The ZixGateway includes the ZixPort service free of charge, adding inbound email capabilities, password and retention policies, and more.

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, the ZixGateway email encryption service integrates with a database of tens of millions of users, providing encrypted email communications for all the email to and from these members. The seamless encryption and decryption process between these members is unequaled anywhere else in the email encryption space, saving your users time and increasing productivity without sacrificing security.

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