Email Encryption for Healthcare – HIPAA

Healthcare has some of the most stringent security needs of any sector in the country. The ability to send an encrypted email containing patient information is critical to patient care, but must be sent under the guidelines the the HITECH act.

Instead of wading through the myriad of different technologies and email encryption providers, why not use the exact same technology that over 1500 hospitals across the country, and large players like WellPoint and others, have already vetted and use every day to comply with their regulators.

You can get started for free today, and see exactly how easy it is to send a HIPAA compliant email today.


Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to deploy
  • Ability to send secure messages to anyone
  • Works with any email application
  • End-to-end delivery assurance


Key Features

  • Creation of certified receipts and non-refutable time stamps
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Message and attachment compression
  • Automatic retrieval of public encryption keys in our directory of tens of millions of users
  • Secure message storage