Email Encryption for Finance

Financial services of all types turn to our email encryption solution for reliable and secure email delivery. Whether you’re a bank, credit union, CPA firm, or any other type of financial service provider, chances are that you currently, or will soon, have the need to communicate confidential information to, from, or about your clients.

You can feel safe turning to the same infrastructure that’s trusted by the SEC, the FDIC, over 20 state banking regulators, and over 1800 other financial institutions every day to ensure that their encrypted email solution is secure, reliable, and compliant.

Try our service for free today, and see for yourself how simple it is to send a secure email.


Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to deploy
  • Ability to send secure messages to anyone
  • Works with any email application
  • End-to-end delivery assurance


Key Features

  • Creation of certified receipts and non-refutable time stamps
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Message and attachment compression
  • Automatic retrieval of public encryption keys in our directory of tens millions of users
  • Secure message storage